AgriHouse Brands Ltd a NASA sponsored and funded company
AgriHouse, About Us, a NASA sponsored and funded company founded by Rick Stoner and Ken Knutson

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AgriHouse is a leading edge agri-biotechnology company offering registered safe broad spectrum biopesticides and advanced tech products that conserve valuable resources. AgriHouse was originally founded by Mr. Richard Stoner, CEO, inventor and aeroponic expert, and Dr. Ken Knutson, plant pathologist, Colorado State University. We are now AgriHouse Brands Ltd, a limited liability company, led by Lyric Turner, GM.

AgriHouse's technology have been thoroughly tested and proven effective by the USDA, NASA, NSF, U.S. Forest Service, leading universities, agricultural extension services, and worldwide corporations, farmers and growers.

The company offers patented & patent pending products to deliver cost effective ecologically beneficial solutions to boost food production and harvest yields. Our homeopathic bioactive products will help sustain the environment, conserve water and natural resources,and reduce the reliance on toxic pesticides.





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Biocontrols: BEYOND Plant Amendment™
Aeroponics: Systems & Hardware
Leaf Sensors: Hardware & Software